Artist Statement

      My figurative work is handbuilt, a process which I feel allows me to spend more time and connect with each piece; time that I use focusing on facial and hand expressions to create more emotive work.  The content of my work allows me to address a wide variety of personal feelings, and provides me the opportunity to explore the emotional nature of my life.  The work then becomes rather therapeutic, with my efforts turned towards making something good or beautiful out of an often negative feeling.  I incorporate references to pop culture in order to build each figure into a character, something or someone that is relatable or identifiable to both myself and the viewer.  However, the figures are intentionally left a little ambiguous, because I feel that is a reflection of peoples’ emotions: noticeable, yet hidden and often misunderstood.

      My wheel thrown work follows two distinct paths, the first being bright and colorful and full of puns and vignettes.  This work often includes drawings of animals and animated stick figures, and is made entirely to humor me with the playfulness, whimsy, and bad jokes.  I am drawn to making work that is memorable for its positive nature, because I wish to leave a positive mark.  More recently my wheel thrown work has been an experiment in incorporating newer technologies into more primitive processes.  I have become interested in ceramic 3D printing, a process that at its core is quite similar to coil-building.  I am driven by the process of building a strong object layer by layer with a soft—almost liquid—material.  Because I prefer my work to be made by my own two hands, my compromise between machine-printed 3D objects and man-made objects is to utilize the concepts and materials of 3D printing, but to make the process manual.  The quality of the line that is then produced is uniformly freeform around the entire piece, which is then juxtaposed with the wheel-thrown base and foot.  These pieces are inspired by sedimentary rock, which helps govern the coloring and altering of the slip trails in order to further the hand-made quality and integrate my personal aesthetic.